State Level Workshop On Strengthening Resilience to Climate Change Related Disaster Risks

UNDP and State Department of Disaster Management and Rehabilitation, Government of Uttarakhand jointly organized one day state workshop on “Strengthening Resilience to Climate Change Related Disaster Risks” in Dehradun on 21st July, 2017.


In this radio message, we hear from Mr. Amit Singh Negi, Secretary, Disaster Management, Govt. of Uttarakhand and Mr. Jai Raj, PCCF (Projects), Uttarakhand talking about escalation in magnitude of hazards likes landslides, flash floods, etc. due to climate change in the state and the long-term strategies to deal with loss of life from disasters and ensure livelihood under the changing climatic conditions.


We also hear to the responses given by Mr. Jaco Cilliers, Country Director, UNDP to the questions posed by All India Radio (AIR) reporter. Mr. Cilliers mentions that UNDP has been involved in various projects and initiatives in the state since 2009 specifically on community preparedness and the current project on Climate Change focuses on various sectors- Disaster, Forestry, Water and Energy. We also hear him talking about values and benefits of emergency preparedness.


Mr. Anand Kumar, National Project Manager, UNDP for the project, “Strengthening State Strategies for Climate Actions” is taking about the project interventions in Uttarakhand and the context of workshop.