Round Table on Towards Implementation of NDCs

In February2017, UNDP partnered with   the State Climate Change Centre, Uttarakhand and CDKN for a Round Table on “Towards Implementation of NDCs: Achievements and Opportunities” in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The aim of this round table was to focus on the strategies and approaches through which Uttarakhand can implement the NDCs with focus on its citizens and climate, both.

UNDP presented a session on ‘Integrating SDGs / INDCs into State Planning’ which emphasized that mainstreaming climate change adaptation (CCA) implies a process of integrating adaptation considerations into policy making, budgeting, and implementation processes at the national, sector and subnational levels.

Further this session also highlighted how the convergence of NDCs and SDGs could lead to reducing Uttarakhand’s vulnerability to climate change & natural disasters; a better standard of living; livelihoods and economic empowerment leading to sustainable development in the state.