Uttarakhand / Forest

State Brief Introduction

A pilot project is being implemented by Uttarakhand Forest Department through the support of SDC-UNDP in six hamlets of village Pheri Kimora under Jaunpur block of Tehri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand. The Vulnerability Risk Assessment study indicated the region highly vulnerable to climate change because of relatively low adaptive capacity among the communities, higher sensitivity and exposure to inordinate climatic aberations. The project therefore targets to benefit 405 persons under 100 households in the village through adaptive measures which include – increasing the forest cover base in about 20 ha land and conserving the Oak forest in the village forest to reduce soil erosion and improve ground water recharge; promoting climate climate smart agriculture and crop diversitification through setting up climate proof polyhouses, building water security for every household, treatment of the springs to increase water recharge, capacity building of the villagers for water resources management and conflict resolution for equitable water management; reduced dependence on fuelwood for each household and improving energy availability in the village through RE interventions; improving the waste management for enhanced environment; building capactiy of people for disaster preparedness; and organizing school learning and awareness events in the village.  The  engagement of the sectoral departments in the interventions ensures intersectoral coordination.